Quant Azimuth


Quant Azimuth offers customers High Performance Computing solutions from traffic collection through to visualization.

Our Cyber Intelligence Platform (CIP) aggregates traffic from various networks, protocols, and applications so that Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) can quickly assess the activities and behaviors of their targets. Collected information is analyzed and presented into various visual graphics, reports and tables, so that the operators can quickly assess their behavior.
We have built our capabilities from the ground-up so that intelligence agencies receive valuable insights into a suspect’s activities. Our goal is to allow investigators to uncover patterns, establish relationships, identify collusion, and build profiles so that law enforcement can take quick and appropriate actions.

In some regions, telecommunication providers have a legal mandate to ensure and maintain lawful interception capabilities for government agencies.

In other regions, there is legal cooperation between the ISPs and law enforcement entities. In either case, the telecommunication providers and ISPs provide the ability to intercept all applicable communications for law enforcement agencies (LEA) while ensuring the uninterrupted quality of service for their customers.
Quant Azimuth’s solutions respond to any LEA’s evolving operational requirements and ensure access to compliant leading-edge technologies for telecommunication providers and ISPs.

Graphic - CIP '22 (portfolio, red)



The advent of the internet has significantly changed the surveillance landscape. For the past two decades, lawful interception solutions have evolved to cover Internet Protocol (IP) services. With evolving protocols and the sophistication of criminal methods, Quant Azimuth maintains constant vigilance to ensure that our solutions keep step with evolving technologies and our customer’s requirements. For example, authorities face challenges incorporating various networks protocols, and applications into their existing surveillance operations. Collected data requires immediate oversight of all active intercepts, statistics, and disseminating all data into a cohesive database in order to visualize and analyze the information quickly and efficiently.


Our high-speed solutions have been successfully deployed in several countries to collect all applications including encrypted protocols. Our solutions are suited for high-speed mobile, landline, satellite, and international gateways without disruption to a telecom operator’s guaranteed quality of service. Quant Azimuth addresses these challenges head-on with a portfolio of solutions founded on proven expertise.